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Erik Truelove has been teaching people to play the drum set since 1999. He has developed the ability to hone in on one's individual learning style and help them to acquire the skills necessary to play the instrument. He does this all while keeping the lessons fun and interesting. Erik has successfully applied these techniques with people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are looking to play professionally or just for fun, he will help you to reach your goal.


Erik is currently accepting a limited amount in-person students at his studio in Pearland, Texas. He has a state of the art studio for both teaching and recording audio and video. Remote/on-line lessons are also available. Please click button below his picture to contact.

Lesson Rates: 
30 min. weekly = $30
45 min. weekly = $40
55 mins. weekly = $50
(or bi-weekly)           

Erik Truelove founded The Drum & Drummer School of Percussion in 2011 in Tucson Arizona. During it's seven years existence in Tucson, the cutting edge facility was home to hundreds of students who enjoyed the instruction provided by Erik's unique and effective curriculum called "the Colored Stick Program." 

Much like the belt system of the martial arts, this approach is a super fun and efficient way for both kids and adults to challenge themselves to prepare for recital performances and reach other personal drumming goals. 


The school eventually grew to include instruction on guitar, bass, piano and vocals. Summer camps and community performances were a key component to the success of the school. 

Currently D&D lives in the virtual world after Erik relocated to the Houston, TX area. You can connect and stay informed about it's progress here. Check out a few of the videos below.