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Four time title-holder of “World’s Most Accurate Drummer”, Erik Truelove is a skilled professional who believes that keeping solid time is the most important contribution a drummer can make to music.

Truelove began performing on trumpet in junior and senior high school concert and marching bands. At 15, he bought his first drum set and taught himself to play by ear. He’s been performing ever since and has continually expanded his knowledge of drumming through countless drum clinics, videos, and books.

Erik has since performed in theater ensembles and toured with many bands, both in the U.S. as well as internationally including Germany, Austria and Mexico. He has also been involved in several recording projects as both a drummer as well as a producer. He enjoys working with a variety of artists and genres.

After earning his fourth accuracy title, Truelove began collaborating with Onboard Research Corp. makers of the Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer to develop the instructional DVD for the device. This also led to opportunities for him to demonstrate it's unique and beneficial qualities at trade shows like NAMM & PASIC. OnBoard closed its business in 2018 and Erik acquired the remaining inventory of Beatnik's & Accessories.


In 2011 Truelove founded the Drum and Drummer School of Percussion in Tucson, Arizona. This mecca for drumming instruction and creativity eventually evolved to include guitar, bass, piano. In 2018 Erik relocated to the Houston area and is currently Erik is currently Performing select shows around the greater Houston / Galveston area with The Undercover Band , the Mojo Faction, and the Josh Roberts Trio. 


He is currently teaching a few select drum set students at his home studio. Erik Truelove endorses Soultone Cymbals and Silverfox Drumsticks.

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