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Erik is currently Performing select shows around the greater Houston / Galveston area with The Undercover Band, the Mojo Faction, and the Josh Roberts Trio.

“Erik is a musician’s musician, a strong, solid, steady drummer, well-versed in many different styles.  It was always a pleasure playing with him.  I wish all drummers were as professional as Erik!

- Linda Ackermann, Music Director/Pianist, Gaslight Theatre

Erik is a one of the most professional drummers I've worked with.  He has been my go-to sub for countless gigs, and he always comes prepared, enthusiastic and energetic.  He blends his drumming style to fit the band, the event and the style of music being played. He brings his A-game to every gig.   You simply can't go wrong when Erik's got your back (beat)!


- Michael Serres, Guitarist/Vocalist, Five Way Street

I like Erik a lot. He hits drums really good. Sometimes we eat hamburgers and drink beer and talk and stuff. Erik smells good most of the time.  He teaches people about stuff and he is funny. We wrestled one time and I didn't lose too badly, he'd probably kick my butt now, but Erik is nice and doesn't go around kicking people's butts. I think you should like Erik too. have a nice day

Andy Hersey


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