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Scroll down for a chronological collection of musical projects that is Erik Truelove has a recorded drums and percussion on and in some cases had a hand in producing. Link provided where available. Support for all these artists is greatly appreciated by listening and visiting there respective sites, where applicable. Thank you


Oscar Fuentes - Bajo el Cielo de Arizona

2018 - recorded at Tucsound Studio. Erik enjoyed working on several projects at this gem of a recording studio with Oscar as an engineer and as an artist. Erik provided drums on tracks 1,2 ,7, 8 of this twelve track album. 

Andy Hersey - Tell Me All About It

2016 - Repasado Records. Andy & Erik go way back, having toured together, performing at SXSW, recording in Nashville and playing all over the USA. Erik was a session producer on this album as well as providing drums, percussion and backing vocals. Recorded at Landmark Studios, engineered by Peter Dalton Ronstadt.

tell me cd.jpg

Leigh Lesho - 444

Leigh Lesho's freshman release recorded in 2015 at Tucsound recording studio. Erik was very excited to get carte blanche when it came to drums and percussion on this amazing collection of songs. He also performed several shows for the release of this album. 

The Tryst - Truth Be Told

Recorded in 2011 at Wavelab studio, Luna Recording studio, and the Conservatory of Recording and Sciences. This album went on to win several  TAMMIES  awards including; Best Jazz Band, Best New Album,  Best Songwriter, Best Female Vocalist, Best Drummer, and Best Bassist.


The West Texas Millionaires

For this album Erik become an honorary West Texas Millionaire. Recorded in 2010 at Wavelab Studios in Tucson, Arizona. Erik also performed several shows with the Millionaires including Bike Week in Rocky Point, Mexico.

Banjax - Salt River Meridian

The surly trio recorded this album over the course of the year of 2010 at Loveland Studios in Tucson, Arizona for Dogs Against Records. An eclectic collection of songs about Arizona and some interesting historical facts.

banjax cd.jpg

Andy Hersey - Between God & Country

Erik had only recently met Andy and started performing with him when this album was being finished. Erik was involved the track "Burnin' Georgia Down" with backing vocals and accompanied Andy thru the mastering process

Rich Hopkins & Luminarios Live in Germany

Erik met Rich Hopkins just a few weeks before joining him an his 2007 European tour. This live recording was captured from one of the many performances from that tour.

eden cd.jpg

Wendy Adams & the Drama Kings

Cadillac Moon

Cadillac Moon recorded in 2004 at Infinite Studio in Tucson, Arizona. Erik enjoyed several years of performing and recording with this powerhouse singer/songwriter and her band of drama kings.

A few of her tunes can be heard on Soundcloud

Dopekitty - On The Move

Dopekitty is an alter ego project that Erik poured himself into in 2002 when he got his first laptop. The entire electronica album was produced by himentirely using MTV Music Generator software by Jester interactive. It will be available to stream on Soundcloud very soon.


Various Compilations


KXCI Locals Only Live from Studio 2A Vol. 6 - 2012 included a track from the Tryst called Crazy Amazing

The J bar Flavors of Summer Compilation 2005 included a track from Wendy Adams & the Drama Kings called That Aint Right.

KXCI Locals Only Live from Studio 2A Vol. 3 - 2005 included a track from Wendy Adams & the Drama Kings called Sweet Summer Rain

Last Exit Live Vol. 1 2006 Included a track from Andy Hersey Band performance called A Diamond Won't Cut It.

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